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Breed Highlight: The Daschund

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Don't Compromise

Hello humans. Here I am, down here! That's right, I need no introduction. I'm known by many names and none of them quite capture my essence. I'll tell you all about me and my siblings, the mighty dachshund. 

Dachshund is our official name, given to us in the late 15th-century by our hunting families. Since then, we've been given heaps of other names: sausage dogs, dackel, and weiner dogs. Most of this is owing to our little shape, long bodies and squat legs. We also vaguely resemble a delicious hot dog because of our common brown colour, though we come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. But don't underestimate us. Our shape hides our great hunting skills. 

Our families would hunt badgers throughout the 15th and 16th century. We were low to the ground, with excellent ears and a great sniffer, we could hear and smell badgers in the brush and find them in the forest. With our powerful paws and body full of energy, we could lead our human friends to their target. 

Nowadays, we don't do as much hunting, but we're still bursting of energy and the same curiosity as our ancestors. We bark, run, jump and explore at every opportunity. We'll alert our human friends of any impending danger or suspicious activity (what's that possum up to? What's that bird doing here? You get it) and always seize the opportunity to spend quality time impressing them with our skills. 

Like teenagers who have just got their license, we are very independent, we like to move around on our own and find entertainment that suits us. Whether we go for a walk, a play in the dog park, or some time in the backyard, it is important we've been taught all of the important life skills including our manners, road safety and socialisation. It's hard to admit, but sometimes we get so excited we lose our marbles! But if our human friends have trained us well and give us the time and attention we need, we won't just be polite, well-behaved and the handsomest dog at the dog park, we'll be the life of the paw-ty!

Alongside our minds and manners, our bodies need some attention. That's right, pet me there. Do it more. Keep going. Ugh, fine. It feels so good when you scratch my back, but we have to be careful, it is delicate. Because of the shape of our bodies (short legs, long back) we are prone to back problems. That means we need to keep our weight in check, keep our feet on the ground and keep our bodies moving. Unlike some of our taller friends, marathons are not it for us. We're better suited for shorter bursts of running, playing and training. Time to rest and recharge is very important. 

After a hard day of running and barking, we like to get pampered a little. Smooth-haired dachshunds only require a quick brush every once and a while to shed loose hair and keep our coats shining, but my longhaired cousins require a little more TLC with conditioner, a special brush and detangling, as well as cuts for when it gets too long. 

The easiest way to keep our bellies, brains, bodies and coats healthy is through food. We're not just saying that, it's true! Okay fine, we do loooove to eat and may need a bit of help moderating our intake, but really, food is an important part of living a good life. Specially formulated pet food like Bella and Boots is perfect for keeping our weight healthy, coat shiny and heart pumping. And remember, treats are healthy too. 

If you have a house of energetic, thoughtful and strong-willed humans who can stand up to our puppy dog eyes, we may be the perfect fit for you. We're loyal, excitable, intelligent and loving pets who require a bit more care than some others, but we're worth every effort. 

If we aren't a right fit for you, I understand! We can still be friends when we meet for walks, to play at the dog park or for some excellent dinner together.  

So, I've introduced myself to you. Now it is your turn, introduce yourself to me! I'd love to get to know you.


The dachshund. 

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