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Frequently Asked Questions

When WE say ‘Free Range’ we mean that the animals live in FAMILY GROUPS on PASTURES in LOW DENSITIES. Despite the misleading labelling by the big players, real ‘Free Range’ doesn’t happen in a shed – it happens on pastures where animals freely express their instinctive behaviours. In order to counteract the wealth of misleading information out there, we are leaning toward the use of the term ‘PASTURE RAISED’ as a way to describe our meats. This confirms that the animal has lived its life outside on pasture and not in sheds. It doesn’t mean having ‘access’ to pasture but actually spending the majority of their time OUTDOORS with access to shelter as required.Did you know that over 90% of Australian grown pigs are raised in intensive farming systems? Eeek.

Organic is everything free-range (as above) and MORE. It is also about additional animal welfare standards, socially responsible and sustainable farming, and naturally grown animals. This means no GMOs, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones, growth promotants or antibiotics. In fact, only 1% of chickens grown in Australia are certified organic!

Being certified means that our farmers are required to meet a series of high standards relating to animal welfare. Stocking densities, access to the outdoors, protection from predators, freedom from mutilations (tail docking, nose rings etc) are just some of the standards that our farmers adhere to. Additionally, and importantly, the slaughter process is done as humanely as possible, either on the farm or close by. Slaughter practices are also monitored by certification and the methods vary greatly to those used by the majority of larger slaughter facilities in Australia.

We are at 330 Mons Rd, Forest Glen, just off the Bruce Highway, with parking conveniently located outside the store.  We are located in the Kunara organic centre, with other businesses including Kunara Organic Marketplace which is the largest organic supermarket in the southern hemisphere, Kunara organic café, and the Fresh Holistic Centre.

Monday to Friday – 7:30am to 6:00pm 

Saturday – 7:00am to 4:00pm 

Sunday – Closed 

Public Holidays – open Show Day and Easter Saturday only


Bella & Boots is a sister company of Sunshine Coast Organic Meats. 

We deal with the same farmers and share distribution centres. 

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