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A "Tail" Of How It All Began

When my old Blue Heeler Bella was around 10, she was pretty sore with arthritis and a bit of a smelly and itchy dog. One early vet said ‘ahh another itchy blue heeler’ and I thought it was normal. 

Years later seeing another vet, they said that this is not normal and we could actually get on top of it. After a combination of skin treatments to break the cycle of irritation and switching to a raw food diet complemented with a good portion of sardines, well, as these stories go, it was like having a new dog.  

Not only was she happier being much more agile and energetic, instead of the funky dog smell it was a pleasure to put your face in her fur like a child with a teddy bear. 

Bella lived until she was 17 and was a case study of the benefits of an appropriate diet improving a dogs wellness and longevity. 

Having been involved in the meat industry since 2017, I noticed there was always a demand for quality ingredients by people looking to feed their pets the best they can.  

I knew that we had some of the most amazing, Organic, Wild and Free Range products coming through our shop and it was a simple decision to engage Dr Renee from our neighbours ‘The Natural Vets’ to help us come up with the best possible pet food recipe that we could be using the ingredients that we had access to. 

It’s been a few years since Bella and now we have a new Furry Friend ‘Bootsie’….  of course. 

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