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Jack Russell

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Breed Highlight: Jack Russell

If you know anything about Jack Russells, you know we’re a bundle of joy and, sometimes, a loveable handful. When people say young at heart, you think of us! Whether we’re solving mysteries in a children’s book, speeding through weaving polls at a dog show or breaking out underneath the fence, people are impressed. Not to bark my own horn, but we are impressive. 

Let me introduce myself!

We’ve been around for a long time, since as early as the 19th century when we were bred for hunting foxes. That’s right, we may be small but mighty! Reverend John Russell from England encouraged a mix of several different kinds of terriers, to make us! My great (great, great, great, great— you get it) grandfather would spend all day with his foxhound best friend in forests and bush.  Since our hunting days, we’ve grown to become family favourites. We were officially recognised in 2016 by the Kennel Club (yeah, that’s right, I’m pedigree) and have continued to become popular with many families across Australia, and the world. 

There’s a million different reasons to love us but, because I’m so humble, I’ll only name a few: Us Jacks are a bundle of energy, always ready for an adventure or a spin around the park. Our favourite part of the day is when we can move our little bodies, we’re fast, agile and impressively strong. But don’t worry, we don’t need you holding our leashes all the time. We’re super independent and like playing on our own sometimes. When you do want to play, we’re super intelligent so we can teach you all kinds of tricks and commands (my favourite is the one where I roll over and you give me a treat). Puppy school and obedience training can be great for our minds and bodies, to socialise us with new friends (dog and human alike) and keep us healthy.  

Okay, we have to admit. Us Jack’s are not completely perfect. We can be a bit stubborn and can get territorial over our home and family if we’re not used to guests (or people getting too close on the street). If we’re bored we find ways to let you know, including barking, digging and getting our teeth and claws into furniture. For a dog so small, we’re full of energy, and we need to let it out. You know what it feels like when you’re full of beans with no way to get them out. If, despite our flaws, you love us, we love you, too! We can be great for young families, single adults or anyone who loves to get out for an hour or so every day. Keep our bodies and brains busy and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of love, cuddles and adorable puppy eyes. 

Now, I wouldn’t say we’re high maintenance by any means but we need a spa day once a week. A simple brush, a nail trim, and an ear cleaning (and a teeth brushing, if you really want to treat us. But we won’t say no to an all-natural dental chew either!) will keep us handsome and happy. DON’T take us to the vet, because we’re completely okay — fine then, yes. Regular vet visits are important (so long as there’s treats), though we’re generally healthy dogs . 

If you’re ready for all the love and adventure that comes with a Jack Russell, there’s a few places you can find me and my friends. The first best place to find us is at your local animal rescue shelters like SCARS and the RSPCA. Then, if you can’t find any friends in need, consider checking out certified ethical breeders in Queensland. You can check out their certifications and business practices to make sure you’re getting a pup who is happy, healthy and friendly. 

If we don’t seem right for you, don’t worry. I’m not offended. I hope we can catch up for a play date some other time! 

If you already have a Jack as a part of your family, give them extra love today. A great way to show love is to treat them to delicious, nutritious food. Try the Organic Chicken & Seasonal Greens Blend, it’s my favourite! If you want to celebrate your furry friend,  fill out this  form here to win a 700g food pack.

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