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The Maine Coon

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Breed Highlight: Maine Coon

This fortnight we're talking about another unique and favourite cat breed: the Maine Coon. 

The Maine Coon is a majestic breed with each different cat having loads of personality and a huge desire for attention and affection. 

Whether you have a Maine Coon, or have always wanted one; if you're considering getting one, read ahead to learn more about the history of Maine Coon's and how to care for them.



There is a lot of mystery around the history of this cat breed, which suits them. As with many breeds of cats, Maine Coons probably came around from the breeding of domestic and long-haired cats that were brought into the United States in — who could guess — Maine!

In the 1950s, the breed almost went extinct: apart from being fabulous features in cat shows, long haired breeds were not the most popular. They shot up again in popularity and by the 80s, Maine Coons were sweeping homes as agreeable and attractive family cats. Maine Coons have been officially recognised by the Cat Fancier's Society since 1976 and in 1985 they were declared the official State Cat of Maine.

It's very common to find Maine Coons, or Maine Coon crosses, nowadays. They're a favourite breed, far from extinction and no longer considered rare. 

But don't be fooled, if you have a Maine Coon, they're still extremely special cats because of their look and their personality. 


Maine Coons are especially recognisable because of their physical featureslong, pointed ears, strong jaws and large, heavily-boned bodies which can weigh up to 25 pounds (at their largest). Their coats are thick, shaggy and especially long around their neck and bushy tail, and can come in a variety of colours and patterns including the classic tabby. 

In terms of their personality,these cats are friendly, adaptable and sociable. Though each cat is different, Maine Coons are well-known for being very approachable for humans and other animals alike, and show a very clear affection for their owners. They enjoy receiving attention and feeling loved by their companions. Thriving Maine Coons have plenty of opportunities to interact with their owners and other members of the household, and many ways to explore, play and experience life. 


Maine Coons may seem like totally mythical creatures, but the reality is they're just cats like any other. They require care, in the form of attention, grooming, medical awareness and, of course, nutrition.

All dogs and cats are at risk of developing generic or common health problems. Especially Maine Coons, as a larger breed, are at risk of hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and polycystic kidney disease. Proper care including exercising appropriately, injury prevention and management, and regular vet check ups can prevent these health risks. 

With a cat scratching post or cat tree, toys to play with and attention from the owner, Maine Coons can generally thrive in the house. They don't require intensive exercise such as running like dogs do, but being engaged and moving around is very important for a Maine Coon.

Because of their luscious coats, Maine Coons require brushing at least once a week and more during shedding season. Having been originally bred for the snowy seasons in Maine, they also have an undercoat which may require brushing out with a specialised comb. Ask your pet about brushing your cat and where to find the appropriate equipment. 


As a large pet breed, Maine Coons require a diet that is high in protein and nutrients to support their growth and overall health, including their heavy-set bones and teeth. Managing weight is also important in the already heavy animal. High-quality cat food with real ingredients and no artifical ingredients (such as Bella and boots' House Lion blend) are the best to promote health in any cat breed, including the Maine Coon. 

Ready to welcome a Maine Coon to the family? 

Maine Coons were declared the fifth most popular pet cat in 2018 by the Cat Fancier's Society, and for a good reason. They're affectionate, beautiful and intelligent. They're the perfect cat for someone who wants a friendly companion who will watch a movie with them on the couch, as opposed to a feline roommate which many cats stereotypically are.

If you're looking for a Maine Coon, there's a few things you can do. 

Because of their popularity, there is many rescue organisations across Queensland who could help you find your next feline family member. Some, such as Coonar Creek Maine Coons Rescue in Toowoomba are Maine Coon specific, while others such as Paws and Claws Adoptions, Best Friends Rescue, RSPCA Queensland and SCARS are likely to have a variety of different cats including Maine Coons. 

If you'd rather buy from a reputable breeder, it's important to do your research and ensure they're ethical. Particularly breeders who are certified or officially recognised by some kind of animal association. Visiting and researching the breeder ensures you're protecting your wallet, the industry and, most importantly, the health and well-being of the cats involved. Cats purchased from a breeder can range from a couple of hundred to two thousand dollars, depending on a variety of factors. 

It's very important to ensure that buying a Maine Coon would fit into your lifestyle. Coons needs special attention in terms of breeding and grooming. If you don't feel equipped to care for a Coon, consider other breeds and how they could fit into your home.

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