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Teeth Health

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Dental Health

By now you've completed our Spot the Difference and know all the ways we've improved at Bella and Boots, including our new 150g discs of Bella and Boots which are chunky, healthy and filling. But they don't just look and taste great, they also make a huge difference for your pet's health! Particularly their teeth, which are an important part of any pet's life. 

Teeth are a vital part of every pet's life. Just like humans, cats and dogs can experience cavities, rotting teeth, pain and inflamed gums. There are a few things which can negatively impact your pet's dental health including low quality food, plaque build up, lack of use and food which isn't appropriate for your pet. 

So what can you do to help? The most important thing is diet. Food which is too soft, too hard or with excessive sugar, chemical preservatives, dangerous material or lacking in important nutrients like calcium and proteins. Food like Bella and Boots food packs which are free from chemical preservatives or excessive sugar, and packed full of important ingredients including seasonal vegetables and bones for a crunch which cleans teeth.

Giving your pet head-to-toe snacks like chicken necks and beef bones are a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy, but a boost of bone and marrow at breakfast and dinner with Bella and Boots food packs can help maintain their teeth health. 

There's a few other things you can do to help maintain your pet's teeth health: regular vet check ups, a consistent diet and regular brushing (with a pet-specific brush). Your veterinarian can perform oral examinations, identify any dental issues, and provide recommendations for preventive and necessary measures to keep your pet smiling. 

If you and your pet are excited about the new things happening at Bella and Boots, share with us! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook in pictures of your pet enjoying the new and improved food packs to help us celebrate. See you there!

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