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Dog Easter Egg Hunt

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Enjoy an Easter Tradition

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days, including dog children. This is when our furbabies are treated just like human children, because they deserve it, duh! Our precious furbabys sleep in our bed, hang out on the couch, watch tv, eat delicious healthy food and share in Human holidays. Cats in Christmas hats, dogs eating (dog safe) birthday cakes, it's a great way to connect with your pet and give them the love they deserve. 

Today begins another nationwide holiday, one that brings families together: Easter. We've written before about how to give your pet a delicious, pet safe treat which you can read here, but we wanted to make Easter even better with your furbaby by adapting a tradition to be pet-safe. 

This tradition is generally performed with a group of children, on a hunt in the backyard. Delicious Cadbury eggs are hidden in bushes, on the trampoline, in the mailbox and in the shed for kids to find. This fun tradition can be adapted to make good fun with your furry friend if it suits them. 

It requires your furry friend to be curious and have a good sense of smell, but you can start by giving them their favourite treat, hiding it in an easy spot and guiding them. Hopefully, they'll pick up on the scent and go sniffing around the yard (or house) finding their treats.

You can leave the treats on their own and let your pet go for it, but there's a way to up the ante if your pet is up for it. You can hide their treats in these hollow, fillable eggs. This will cover the scent of the treats a bit more and can add another layer of challenge by making your pet have to open the eggs. Of course, this will require your pet to be supervised to prevent your pet from breaking the egg and swallowing bits or whole halves of the eggs. 

Not only is this a great way to enjoy a tradition with your furbaby, but it is a great mental activity for them as well, which keeps them healthy and happy. 

Would you try this with your clever furbaby?

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