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Eggs and food trial pack

Your Easter Pet

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you: eggs. 

 It’s the Easter period and with Easter comes all of the egg-shaped chocolatey treats for humans. But, your pets have it better. Eggs are a great treat for your pet and, unlike their chocolate counterpart, have great health benefits. Stronger bones, elastic joints, clean teeth and shiny coats are just some of the benefits of an eggy diet. If you and your family make painted eggs using shells, don’t throw away the egg inside — feed it to your pet instead for a great easter treat. 

dog on a chair at a table

Raw eggs are great on their own. Domestic pets like cats and dogs run very little risk of getting sick from Salmonella, their gut was made to eat raw foodstuffs! In any case, you can also feed your pet cooked eggs like scrambled eggs, or simple sunny-side up, provided you’re careful with the oil and or butter you use. Raw eggs hold the most nutrients. Luckily, any egg we use in our food packs, and the eggs you can buy from our sister company Eumundi Meats, are dedicated to egg safety. Fraser Coast Free-Range eggs, Kenilworth Free-Range Farm and Piggy in the Middle supply us with delicious, healthy eggs. They’re all local, free-range and (optionally organic) farmers, who meet our high standard for animal welfare and environmental sustainability. We’re proud to work with these farmers and everyone else who contributes to the community we’ve built and the food packs we’ve worked hard to create. 

 You contribute to our community, too, by purchasing and celebrating our Bella and Boots food packs. If you’ve never given it a go before, or of you’d like to try a new flavour, you can take advantage of our trial packs. It includes 3 flavours of your choice to try with your pet. If it works for you, you can buy full-sized packs, in either 700g or 1kg portions. You can reap the benefits of raw food as easy as click and collect. 

If you’re worried about health concerns like their gut, heart, dental, coat and skin health, and/or to combat allergies or joint pain, Bella and Boots raw food is an excellent choice for you. You can read more about the benefits of our food packs in our product description or by reaching out online or in-store at Noosaville. 

We’d love to hear more about your furry friend, new or old, and anything funny, clever or unique they do. You can tag us on social media @bella_nboots or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight formhereto win a 700g food pack.

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