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Ethical Raw vs Conventional Raw Pet Food

It’s no secret that at Bella & Boots we believe that a raw food diet is best for your pet. 

But what are the differences between raw pet food that has been ethically sourced and that which is conventional?

These days it’s trendy for brands to use words such as “responsible, ethical and sustainable”, however, do these businesses have strict policies of standards and ethics that are independently verified and awarded?

Some brands may say that they use “ethically sourced meat” in their products, however, this is open to interpretation and the reality is that most of their definitions wouldn’t meet any of your expectations. 

Some questions you may like to ask when considering a raw pet food for your carnivorous companion may include;

Is the meat being used used organic?

Is the meat being used free range?

Is the meat being sourced from farms local to your area?

Do these farming systems hold animal welfare standards in their highest regard?

Is the process from paddock to plate as minimal as possible?

Is the quality of meat human grade? That is, meat that we as humans would also consume?

What should be in your raw pet food?

Unfortunately at present most raw pet food on the market will not include exact percentages of ingredients nor will they clearly list the cut of meat included. For example “beef”. Beef what? Heart, lung, bone, skin, chunks?

Conventional raw pet food is more often than not, loaded with nasty processed stuff or unnecessary fillers. 

Ethically sourced raw pet food closely mimics that of what an animal would eat in the wild. And when feeding raw it’s imperative that we get the ratios correct, that is, the right amount of meat, bone, offal, leafy green matter, fibre and a good source of fat. 

At Bella & Boots we take ethical standards seriously. We believe that if we are going to feed our friends an appropriate diet that we should be taking as much consideration and care with the meat used in it.

We are passionate about sourcing the best quality ingredients and have set up relationships with the best local farmers who ensure the highest levels of animal welfare and low food miles.

We use only the best wild, organic and free range ingredients to produce the best nutritionally dense premium raw pet food blends for your pets.

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