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From Farm to Bowl

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Farm to Bowl

Our furry friends love the planet as much as we do. They love to live, play and thrive in the grasses, forests and waterways.

That’s why it is important to keep the planet safe, so we can all keep living happy and healthy lives, enjoying all it has to offer us.  Having the ability to run free and enjoy the planet is as important to your pet’s health and happiness as their diet. That’s why, with Bella and Boots, you can take care of both. 

We’re not just great for your pet’s health, but for their favourite planet, too.

The Foundations of Bella and Boots

Bella and Boots uses organic and wild-caught ingredients in all of our food packs for the health of your friend and our planet. Organic ingredients are cultivated without synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This doesn’t just mean the food is as natural as it can be, but also promotes soil health, preserves biodiversity, protects waterways and upholds animal welfare standards. When we can’t find organic, such as the tuna, sardines and swordfish that’s found in our food packs, we opt for wild-caught. Sustainable, wild-caught farming, like our fishing friends do for Bella and Boots, reduces the impact of fish farming by preserving natural habitats, reducing the use of resources, and bypassing the needs for chemical intervention such as sterilisers and antibiotics. 

Not only does Bella and Boots prioritise organic ingredients, but local ingredients, too. Local sourcing helps reduce carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation and also prevents the need for preservatives. By choosing products that use regionally grown ingredients, we support local farmers and reduce the environmental impact of our pets' diets. 

We’ve talked before about living nose-to-tail with your pet, and it makes a huge difference for the planet. With less food waste, we can reduce carbon emissions, the spread of disease, the excess production of animal meat and the cost of organic, locally sourced pet food.

If you and your pet enjoy taking walks or swimming at the beach, throwing sticks at the park, sitting in the shade of a tree or exploring the Sunshine Coast’s trails, then you know how important preserving the Earth is, for you and your pet. By supporting Bella and Boots, you can contribute to a beautiful, lasting world. Our food packs support not only your pet’s health but the planet’s health, too.

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