UPDATE! Eumundi Meats at Belmondos Organic Market is now the Home of Bella & Boots. Same Formula and Quality. FREE DELIVERY to most of Brisbane, Sunny Coast and Gold Coast Suburbs. Free delivery on all orders over $100.


Free Range 

In our Bella and Boots pack, we strive to include the highest quality, ethically produced meat that we can.  While most of our food packs include organic beef, chicken and lamb, our pork, seafood and supplemental ingredients may be free-range.  

We use free-range products that care about animal welfare the way we do. We believe that, as your pup and kitty should be able to roam, eat and play with freedom and in peace, so too should the farm animals.   

As such, we work closely with Bendele and Gooralie  who provide us with free-range meat product we include in foodpacks and our other Bella & Boots extras.


Bendele Farm

 Bendele farm is our main supplier of chicken meat, an organic-certified farm. Bendele ensures the liberal freedoms, one chicken per 25 square metres. When they can’t provide completely organic meat, their free range chickens are fed non-organic wheat and sorghum, making them certified free-range. Allowing these chickens the space to move naturally reduces the risk of injury and disease, and forage for food naturally. They don’t live in waste or get irritated from being cramped in cages. We use chicken in our chicken and seasonal greens pack, our signature blend pack, as individual chicken bits, and in our transitional bone broth.


 Farm Pork bones are also used in our bone broth, which we purchase from Gooralie farm. Gooralie pork is a certified free-range farm with both RSPCA and APIQ certifications. The APIQ free-range certification includes requirements such as access to rooting and/or foraging areas, wallows (where state regulations and seasonal climates permit) and kennels/huts for shelter. Huts provide protection for the piglets when they are very young. 

Using organic or free-range meats ensures we are promoting, supporting and achieving our goal of ethical animal welfare. In doing so, we are taking care of your, our animals and our environment. 

If you’re worried about health concerns like their gut, heart, dental, coat and skin health, and/or to combat allergies or joint pain, Bella and Boots raw food is an excellent choice for you. You can read more about the benefits of our food packs in our product description or by reaching out online or in-store at Forest Glen.  We’d love to hear more about your furry friend, new or old, and anything funny, clever or unique they do. You can tag us on social media @bella_nboots or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack.

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