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Pet Friendly Pets

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Friendly Pets

Christmas get-togethers include all members of the family — that means your fur babies, too. Whether your dog, or cat, is social and playful, a bit shy or not used to sharing. There’s a few things you can do to ensure all your furry friends get along and enjoy the Christmas holidays — or any celebration over the year.

First things first,honour your pet. If your pet is anti-social, or gets easily overwhelmed, ensure that there is a quiet, comfortable place where they can escape to and relax.

If your pet is generally friendly or curious, make sure they're introduced to their new friends, either humans or other animals, with plenty ofsupervision and in acalm environment

Also, make sure there is plenty of food, water and entertainment like toys to go around toprevent any possibleresource guarding

Lastly, it’s all about routine. The holidays are always busy, often times there is plenty to do, but it’s vital tomaintain the most important parts of your pets’routine. That includes food, exercise and attention/ affection. This means that when there's a disruption in their normal life, such as later nights, move people in the house or loud noises, they can rely on important part of their life to stay consistent, and ensure they feel safe, secure and content. 

If you're thought long and hard, gotten your family and home prepared, and are about to happily commit to a new, furry member of the family, then you know consistency is vital for training and to prepare for future get -togethers.

Doing all of these things ensures everyone can have a great time during the holiday. 

Whether you're heralding the new year in with a pup or kittens or a friend you've had with you for years, our Bella and Boots food packs are specially designed to provide your pet with everything they need for a healthy diet. We’d love to hear how Bella and Boots has changed your pet's life.  You can tag us on social media @bellaandbootspet or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack. 

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