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Why Ethical is Good for your pet, too.

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Good for your Pet and the Earth

We've talked about how important Bella and Boots is for the Earth and the animals who live here, but ethically produced food has the best impact on your pet's health and happiness, too. 

Ethically produced pet food has a few amazing benefits for your pet (aside from continuing to nurture the Earth on which it eat, lives, plays and gets cuddles): it contains higher quality ingredients which better retain all the important nutrients, it has less of the harmful ingredients that conventionally produced meat contains, and consequently reduce the risk of allergies, diseases and gut problems.

Higher Quality Ingredients

Our Bella and Boots pet food packs are made with human grade meat and the highest quality, organic vegetable and vitamins.

We use organic and human grade ingredients for a few reasons: to reduce food waste by using the meat cut offs from Eumundi Meats, and to support organic produce farms across the Sunshine Coast. Supporting organic farmers allows them to continue growing without introducing new chemicals into the earth and our waterways. But organic produce and meat products aren't only the best choice for the Earth, but for your pet too. 

Each ingredient is very specifically chosen with a purpose, all working together to provide your pet with a holistic diet. Higher quality ingredients aren't just tastier, they contain a higher amount of nutrients. When natural processes are used to grow their crops (or to feed their cow) they have in increased amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Less of the Bad

Human-grade, organic ingredients are not only better for what they do include, but for what they don't include, too: they're free from GMO, additives, chemicals or pesticides. The kinds of chemicals used in insecticides, pesticides and as growth hormones can strip the food of its inherent nutrients, and introduce potentially harmful substances into your pet's food. Chemicals can poison your pet's gut, erode their teeth, and mess with the balance of hormones in their bodies. 

If you've fed your pet non-organic pet food in the past, don't worry! Organic food which is free from nasty chemicals can help improve and boost your pet's immune system, gut, bones and brain to keep them healthier longer. It's never too late to change your pet's diet to improve their life.  

Allergies and Diseases

Dogs and cats have unique immune systems just like humans do, each with their own tolerances and agitators. 

Artificial chemicals and additives can agitate your pet, either causing or developing allergies and immune diseases. Our Bella and Boots pack also exclude ingredients which can irritate allergies including soy, grains and dairy. Without these unnecessary filler ingredients, our food packs are distilled right down to the good stuff. 

If you want some of the good stuff for your pet, order your favourite food packs here. You can also try our trial packs or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack.

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