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Grain-fed: Good or not?

Bella and Boots food packs are designed to give your pet everything they need to be healthy, happy and satisfied. The chicken, fish and beef that star in our food packs are free-range, wild-caught or organic, human grade and grain-free. 
But why grain-free? 

It is true that grass-fed, not grain-fed, farming practices are better for the animal and the environment, but grass-fed meat makes a difference to your pet, too! 


You may have heard that dogs and cats are unable to digest grains properly which is true to an extent — centuries ago when our dogs were grey wolves and our cats were roaming the African plains on their own, they would hunt and kill grazing animals such as antelopes and rabbits, as well as birds and smaller reptiles. These animals would have had a small amount of grains and vegetation in their stomach, which our pets ancestors would have eaten. Nowadays, your pet may investigate the backyard and chew on a variety of different plants around the garden (they're naturally curious creatures; it's very important to make sure you've removed poisonous or dangerous plants from where your pet roams). You don't have to be worried when you see them exploring safe, natural vegetation. 

So, what's different about the grains our friends' ancestors used to eat, and the grains you find in conventional agriculture? 

Unfortunately, as always, the difference is the kind of additives, preservatives, non-nutritious fillers and antibiotics that are added to grain feed. This kind of grain feed is used to bulk up the animal, stabilise the shelf-life of the meat and avoid disease by pre-empting medicine. They are stuffed with empty calories, excessive fat and non-natural additives. 

You are what you eat, and it's the same for your pet. While they may not be processing grains directly, they're eating all of the consequences of it. There's always more to learn, but we want to give your fur baby the best of the bunch, which is why we stray from grained, conventional meat and towards grass-fed, all-natural meat from our trusted farmers.

 You can read more about the benefits of our food packs for your furry friends in the product descriptions on our website. If your dog or cat has tried our Bella & Boots packs and enjoyed them, we’d love to know. You can tag us on social media @bella_nboots or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack.

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