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Honour What They Have: The Coat

As the weather is getting colder, there's one comfort item our pets have that we might take for granted: their coat. Their coat is very important because it protects them from irritations of the skin, keeps them warm, sun protection, used as a sensory tool and more. Because they're born with their coats, we think they'll always exist, the best they can be and we don't consider coat health the way we do brain health, joint health, weight management and more. In reality, just like human hair, it requires care. To keep your pet warm this winter, protected from the sun year-round and looking their best (and feeling their softest for pets), follow these few tips to keep their coat soft, lush and healthy. 
The first thing to know is that skin health and coat health go hand-in-hand. These tips relate to both managing skin and the actual hair. The most important thing you should be aware of is the needs of the breed. Some breeds will need regular brushing and haircuts to protect their coats from tangling, pulling or getting too heavy. Some breeds that are sensitive to skin irritation or that are much more adventurous outside of the house may need to be washed more regularly. Some breeds that are inclined to allergies which can present as itching, bumps or rashes could require an external management cream or oil.
Outside of the needs of specific breeds, regular grooming will disperse the oils through the pet’s fur from their skin, similar to the way human being brush their hair. This will keep skin hydrated, reduce oiliness of their coat and remove potential irritants. Even if you keep up with their grooming, your pet's skin and coat could still be impacted by diseases such as alopecia, arthritis, digestive problems, fleas, ticks and asthma. If symptoms of these problems are occurring, such as the animal chewing or scratching itself, excessive shedding, rubbing against walls, the floor or furniture, a vet can identify the issue and prescribe something to help improve your animal’s quality of life, including the shine of their coat.


One thing your vet may suggest is looking at their diet. A balanced diet with a lot of healthy fats, hydration and protein is vital for skin and coat health. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are important fatty acids which aid the body in maintaining hydration and regulating oil production. Omega fatty acids are found in plant matter but are better processed in an animal’s body through a meat source, which is why our food packs also contain fatty acids from fish (sardines, tuna, swordfish) and plant products.

Other parts of our food packs, including hydration from seasonal vegetables and organic raw meats, carbohydrates and proteins for energy and regeneration.  In the same way a balanced diet is important for heart health, brain health and joint health, skin and coat health can be impacted by food. 

By doing all of these things (keeping up with grooming properly, feeding them well, washing them) you can protect their skin and coat health, reducing daily stress and giving them a better quality of life. 

You can read more about the benefits of our food packs for your furry friends in the product descriptions on our website, and order online for delivery or pick up. You could also pop in-store at Belmondos Organic Market to check out what's on offer.              

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