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The House Lion Blend

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The House Lion

Even though cats are one of the top two most popular pets in Australia (of course, alongside dogs. And interestingly, fish in third), we still think cats are totally underrated. 

Because cats are often seen as uncompanionable, low maintenance or even sometimes 'bad luck', people don't consider needs of cats the same way they do dogs. 

Many people don't think of bathing, exercising, spending quality time with or nutrition of cats as something they should actively think about, but we disagree. 

Cats still require mental and physical stimulation, grooming such as brushing or semi-regular washing (if they go outside and get visibly dirty), affection and attention and, yes, raw deliciously healthy food. 



Cats are obligate carnivores, which means more than dogs, they need to be eating meat with every meal. Their teeth and stomachs are designed to eat a variety of meat products including skin, muscle, organ and bones. 

When our cats were African Lions, prowling the grassy plains, the animals they caught and ate were raw and what today would be called wild (or organic). 

Eating raw not only honours the history of your furry cat baby, but it  maintains the integrity of the fibre, retains the pure proteins and leaves fats, vitamins and other nutrients in their most distilled form, for the body to absorb and use. 

Leafy Puree 

Our raw House Lion Blend includes seasonal leafy vegetables pureed and mixed in with the ground meats: broccoli, zucchini, parsley, fennel, wombok, chickweed, celery, sprouts and Asian greens.

These organic, locally grown vegetables provide hydration, fibre, vitamin C and small amounts of proteins. They add an interesting flavour, another layer of nutrients and promote a healthy gut.


All of the seafood in our House Lion Blend are wild caught and ethically harvest to preserve the vital ocean ecosystem we all benefit from. 

The House Lion blend includes tuna, swordfish and sardines. Fish is a great boost of healthy Omega fats which helps with weight management, skin hydration and a shiny coat.


What's Not in It

As hard as we planned and worked to include all the best ingredients in our House Lion Blend, we also thought hard about what's not in it. 

All of our food packs in Bella and Boots are free from steroids, preservatives, corn, soy, grains and GMO's. We also consciously choose ingredients to prevent the inclusion of pesticides or insecticides and diseases. Our meat is human-grade and delicious. 

Our House Lion Blend is made specifically with cats in mind, but is suitable for any cat or dog who needs to clean their gut, restore mobility, decrease inflammation and enjoy a long and fulfilling life. Order food packs here, try our trial packs or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack.

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