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Inside or Outside?

Inside or Out? 

The past two years have shown us that humans are not made for being locked inside the house each and every day. During lockdown, everyone was so restless, they were nearly bouncing off the walls (yep, you’re not alone!). It’s no wonder then that our furry, loveable friends do the same.  

Our kitty’s and older cats come from a long line of big cats: we see them on documentaries, lovingly overlaid with a soothing British baritone, bouncing around the dessert, hiding in the long grass, basking in the sun.  It can be very tempting to open our door for our feline friends to give them the same experience: playful races and sand baths and all of the other special spa-treatment type of things we see on the tv, but unfortunately that’s not always what’s waiting on the other side of that door. 

There’s many dangers for our domesticated kitties, including cars, unfriendly cats and dogs and disgruntled neighbours. Despite how clever your kitty may be, it could be easy for them to get lost or trapped somewhere, too. Aside from the dangers, your furbaby can get into a few unsavoury situations: starting fights, killing native birds and lizards and agitating other residents. It’s important to consider how letting your cat reign free in the backyard and beyond impacts their health, your life and that of those around you.  

So, is that the final verdict? Should your cats stay inside, or should they be allowed to roam? 
How long, or how far? There’s been much debate in Australia around it, from the ABC to Courier Mail. The RSPCA has given the verdict themselves on what they believe: keep your cat safe indoors, with space and regular, supervised exploration outside. 

Not so bad, really. Just like a toddler. 

Some districts across Queensland (like Brisbane) have requirements for owning a cat, including microchipping, de-sexing, and keeping a cat inside or ‘secured on the property’. Some people are concerned about the restrictions and the impact they may have on cat’s welfare. They are, after all, animals too. Even with supervised exploration, enough food every day and affection and attention from you, wouldn’t be being cooped up in the house turn us mad, too?  What do you think about this issue? 

if your cat does take a roam, make sure you follow important steps to keep important native animals safe. 


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