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Grain-free food

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Grain Free

Here at Bella and Boots, we avoid putting grain fillers or grain-fed meat in our blends. In fact, it is something very important to us that we will never compromise on. While for many humans, except those who suffer from gluten intolerance, grains including wheat, corn and rice can contribute to a holistic, filling and healthy diet, it isn't the same for our furry friends. Apart from the occasional mouthful of grass, our dogs and cats don't need grains and indeed, it could lead to some problems. We'll talk more below about how your pet's body reacts with grains and what we do instead to keep your pet full and happy.

The animals our furry friends were centuries ago would have eaten smaller animals such as rabbits and mice. These animals would have had a small amount of grains and vegetation in their stomach when ancient wild cats and wolves ate them. So, what's different about grain fillers, or eating beef, chicken or pigs fed on grains, and these hunted animals? 

First, grain fillers. Many conventional pet foods such as kibble and canned foods include blended or dried grain fillers to reduce costs and bulk out their food. Your pet fills up quickly on grains that their bodies can't process as quickly, leaving their bellies full but their nutritional needs unmet. Grain doesn't provide the protein, iron, vitamins and minerals that they need to keep their system running. This can lead to problems including digestive delays, leaky gut, obesity, refusing to eat, sore joints, diabetes and more. This filler replaces high-quality meat or important vegetable ingredients that docontribute to the nutritional needs of your pet. Where conventional pet food uses corn and wheat to bulk out their servings, Bella and Boots ensures every component of our food blends have a nutritional purpose, are balanced and high-quality, including our grass fed free-range or organic meat.

Some other pet food brands that are similar to Bella and Boots, including "biologically appropriate" or "healthy" kibble and canned food, still miss the mark. Even without the grain fillers added immediately to the food, the ingredients that they use suffer from the same demerits. The difference between the meat we include in our food blends and the meat in "healthier" alternatives is the kind of additives, preservatives, non-nutritious fillers and antibiotics that are added to the grain feed of beef and poultry. This grain feed is very common in conventional meat production and is used to bulk up the animal, stabilise the shelf-life of meat and avoid disease by being mixed with antibiotics and pre-emptive medicine. They are stuffed with empty calories, excessive fat and non-natural additives. This changes the quality and nutritional make up of the meat which is passed on to your pet, losing the nutritional value (and taste) of grass feeding.

You are what you eat, and it's the same for your pet. Whether they process the grains directly or are eating other animals who did, they're eating all of the consequences of it. There's always more to learn, but we want to give your fur baby the best of the bunch, which is why we stray from grained, conventional meat and towards grass-fed, all-natural meat from our trusted farmers.

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