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Spilling the beans (and fruit and veg)

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Spilling the Beans

Everyone knows that our favourite domesticated pets came from wild animals; behind every grumpy cat is a tiger, and every fussy poodle a grey wolf. We honour our pet’s history in the ways we care for them: exercise and companionship, as well as in their diet. We take the best care of our pets when we honour their evolutionary and biological needs and provide them with the most nutritious (and delicious) food. That's why our food blends include organic muscle and organ meat, seafood and vegetation. That's right, we have included vegetable blends and seasonal vegetables into our food packs. But why do we include vegetables like zucchini, celery, and broccoli, and haven't you heard that cats and dogs are carnivores

It's a bit more complicated than that.

Due to the function of the canine body, we include a good amount of vegetation in their food blends. These organic vegetables reflect the small amount of vegetables that canines would eat in their prey's stomachs and as predators on the plains. Dogs have a mix of sharp and masticate teeth which reflect their omnivorous diet. Further, dogs' guts have evolved for starch digestion and vitamin A and D absorption. 

Despite these feats in evolution, providing your dog with rich, fatty and high quality meat allows them to digest their food easier and makes the nutrients in our blends more bio-available.

Cats are a little different. These felines are considered ‘obligate carnivores’ because their gut cannot separate all of the important nutrients from plant-based foods like vitamin A. Cats also can’t transform the fats found in plants to the necessary fatty acids they need to maintain gut and heart health. This means that cats can't live off of vegetables alone — they would quickly become sick from lack of nutrients, digestion problems and weight loss. While the meat is the star of our House Lion Blend, and especially the sardines which provide amazing nutrients, our vegetables are chosen for a reason. The vegetables in our food blends are chosen to improve the enjoyment of our food, the bioavailability of the nutrients in the meat, and for other things such as teeth health and hydration. 

 As with the human vegan diet, it is important to ensure your pet is getting the necessary proteins, irons and fats needed to ensure their health. Missing out on important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B and D; amino acids from animal tissue, fatty acids and proteins like collagen, and iron compromise your pet’s heart and muscle health, digestive abilities, eyesight and brain health. 

So, that's the beans on vegetables in your pet's food. They play a great role in keeping your pet happy, healthy and enjoying life, as companions to the delicious meat that drives our food blends. To read more about the ingredients in our food blends, find them in the shop tab!

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