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Protecting the Earth is a Treat!

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Protecting the earth is a TREAT! 

Eating nose-to-tail is an easy way to protect the earth and nourish your body, but it doesn’t stop at steak and kidney pie or offal: you can provide your pet with healthy and delicious treats that reduce greenhouse gases and promotes sustainable consumption.  Bella and Boots has a few perfect pet treats from the organic, human-grade product sold at Eumundi Meats including beef trachea and chicken feet. 

Beef Trachea  
Beef trachea, aka the windpipe of cows, is an often discarded part of the animal carcass, made of cartilage and flesh. It’s packed full of proteins, fibres and nutritional compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin which are important for joint health. Beef trachea can help with tooth plaque and weight loss, too. Whether it’s raw or dried, it’s a great, safe treat for your pet!

Chicken Feet 

Just like beef trachea, chicken feet are high in nutritional compounds important for joint health including glucosamine and chondroitin. They’re also a major boost in proteins, calcium and collagen, for a healthy shining coat. It also reduces skin diseases that can cause hair loss and itchiness. The crunchiness is great for their jaw and clean teeth, too. Ensure you’re feeding your pet raw chicken feet as cooked chicken bones are dangerous; they can snap and splinter easily and cause damage 

Meat cuts like this, when discarded to landfill, can contribute to the release of Co2, spread bacteria and attract carrion animals, running the risk of birds and native animals getting injured or ingesting plastics, foam or glass.

As we’ve discussed before in our nose-to-tail blog, shopping locally at organic butcher shops like Eumundi Meats, and purchasing the off cuts of meat like the trachea and chicken feet, reduces the chronic overproduction of meat in commercial settings. When you purchase from Bella and Boots, you’re feeding your pet human grade meat which came from the same carcass your steak came from: there’s no need to be choosy about which bits are put in your food when it all tastes so good (and does good for your body, too!)

​​Each Bella and Boots food pack was specifically formulated to meet health goals for your pet, with carefully thought out ingredients to make sure our food is best for your pet. This includes nose-to-tail cuts like hearts and livers, muscle meats and ground up bones. Learn more about our specially chosen ingredients and order food packs here, try our trial packs or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack.

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