UPDATE! Eumundi Meats at Belmondos Organic Market is now the Home of Bella & Boots. Same Formula and Quality. FREE DELIVERY to most of Brisbane, Sunny Coast and Gold Coast Suburbs. Free delivery on all orders over $100.

Noticed Something Different?

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What's New?

Bella and Boots has been around for what feels like a hundred dog years, and they've made a huge impact on their community — supporting local farmers, encouraging pet health and reducing food waste. In fact, Bella and Boots has been working so hard, they decided to treat themselves to a spa day. They're pack from the groomers and better than ever. 

With the help of Tracey Keller, a wonderfully talented pet portrait artist, Bella and Boots has revamped, kept the good and made the best even better! Now, with a woof-tastic makeover, you will be able to recognise the Bella and Boots food packs wherever you go. 

It's a pleasure in life to see beautiful things, and your pets love it just like humans do. Bella and Boots enlisted the talented Tracey Keller to give their packaging a pup-tastic makeover. Now, the delicious product is wrapped up in sleek packaging with a vibrant pop of captivating colour. The designs include all of your favourite colours and shapes and captured the unique personalities involved with Bella and Boots — that includes you and your hungry pups and kittens.   


While the outside looks even more fetching, the inside remains as uncompromisingly excellent as ever. Bella and Boots has always been committed to providing the best for you and your pet, and this rebranding hasn't changed that one bit. Their raw blend is still vet-formulated and made with organic, wild, and free-range ingredients. That means you're getting the most nutrition possible! The ingredients are human-grade, including the meat from the award winning Eumundi Meats, and specially chosen to providing your pet with the healthiest diet possible to promote better health and a longer life.  

Bella and Boots Pet Food understands that every dog has their own appetite and nutritional needs. That's why they now offer a range of portion options to suit all furry tummies. In addition to the classic 1kg packs, they now have the 4 x 150gm packs. These smaller portions are ideal for portion control, to reduce waste and risk of defrosting dangers, and to allow a variety of food packs to be eaten throughout the week. If your pet is small, large, or somewhere in between, Bella and Boots is perfect for them!

This rebrand is all about making Bella and Boots even more delicious, easy and customer friendly. Luckily for us, nothing gets easier than online delivery. You can order your pet's favourite meals with just a few clicks, and they'll be delivered right to your doorstep. No more leaving your dog at home in the afternoons and no more running out before you know it. It's the pet food version of Uber Eats! 

If you and your pet are excited about the new things happening at Bella and Boots, share with us! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook of your pet enjoying the new and improved food packs to help us celebrate. See you there!

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