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Don't Compromise

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Don't Compromise

Research shows that having a pet makes you healthier, happier and safer, and a loyal companion like a cat or dog can completely change your life. If you’re an animal lover like us, that’s even more true! However, having a pet can also have its pitfalls. And no, we’re not talking about fur in the carpet and musty smells. We’re talking about the balance between honouring your pet and honouring the other animals on the planet.  Pet food, whether it is kibble, canned or our Bella and Boots raw blends, is made from meat.  And that meat comes from cows, chickens, kangaroos (and other animals) who have lived a life on the earth before. For some people, that is an issue and they choose to stop eating meat. That’s not an option for our pets.

The reality is that your beloved dog and cat require meat in their diet to keep them happy and healthy and, especially for cats, is non-negotiable. So, how do we find the balance between honouring the needs of our pets and honouring the life of other animals? 

If you’ve read our blogAgribusiness vs Organic Meat orFree-range, you know how big of a difference organic and conventional business practices make on animal welfare.

Organic farming aims to mimic an animal’s natural life as much as possible. This means meat animals raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical intervention. They typically (and especially in the case of Bella and Boots) have access to safe shelter and the ability to roam free, which allows for more natural behaviour and a better quality of life. The animals get to experience community, freedom and to honour their own instincts.  

Many organic farms are also small-scale producers. These farmers often employ more humane and sustainable practices compared to large-scale industrial operations. Without cramped spaces, with enough food and a sense of individuality, it also allows them to receive individual care and live with respect and identity. 

Basically, being an animal lover with a pet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your values. While our pets need to eat meat in their diet, organic, high-quality meat is better for the animals we love. And better for your pet, too! 

Order great food without compromise at Bella and Boots. 

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