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Why we choose organic

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Why Organic For Your Pet?

There’s plenty of discourse online about “conventional farming” vs “organic farming”, but there’s so many conflicting opinions, what is even true? And why should you, as a pet owner, care?  Facebook, tiktok, the news and every popular online platform is full of different people with different opinions about organic farming. The truth is, all of these different opinions are informed by differing information. In the age where it is hard to know what’s important information, accidental misinformation and full-on disinformation, anyone can feel overwhelmed trying to understand the world and their place in it. We want to make it simple for you, by discussing three of the most basic reasons people prefer organic meat — and why we chose it for our pet food blends.

Pesticides, insecticides and other agricultural chemicals.
In conventional farming, the demand for animal production is so high that they have to cut corners to meet the market demand. This means, their feeding and treatment of animals (as well as the production of vegetable produce) is managed by chemicals including pesticides and insecticides. Not only are these potentially dangerous for the dog, cat and human body (and regardless, unnecessary in the pursuit of good food and health), but these chemicals also disrupt the environment. These chemicals get into the grass and soil of paddocks and can run off during wet weather to waterwaysused to grow and hydrate the Earth and the animals. Being infected by chemicals wreaks havoc on the natural environment.  

The Gas.
Another problem with conventional farming is the production of methane. Though discourse around climate change has been evolving in the last ten years, we can all agree that reducing the agricultural impact of farming on the environment is a no-loss move, improving air quality, reducing wild weather and keeping farmlands greener for longer. Organic farms generally raise a lower number of cattle consequently have lower levels of methane emission, are fed better quality food to reduce waste, and many organic farms manage waste differently than conventional farms, reducing climate consequences.

Most problematically, mass agriculture fills the market by killing as many heads of animals as possible to meet demand. These heads contain less popular meat cuts like organ meats, meat around the neck, the legs and the head, of which are often thrown out or left on shelves. These less popular meat cuts are thrown away into landfill, which breeds disease and releases ethanol and methane. Organic farming, whilst also reducing the amount of animals raised and killed at once, also encourages nose-to-tail eating, which you can read about here.  Bella and Boots has chosen to use organic meat supplied by Eumundi Meats' friendly farmers for all of these reasons and more: we use the less desired pieces of a meat carcass to provide your pet with the important omega fats, proteins, nutrients and vitamins they need to live and thrive.   

You can read more about the benefits of our food packs for your furry friends in the product descriptions on our website. If you’re convinced already, you can also purchase online or in-store.

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