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A share plate with your pet

The holiday season is upon us, Halloween on the 30th of October and Christmas on the horizon (just 72 days!), the time of the year when families come together, food kicks up a notch and your pet gets even cuter in their seasonal costumes (or is that just us?). With everyone gathered around the table, it’s hard to feel like your pet is missing out. 


There's no need to feel guilty that you can’t share your summer platter with your pet, there’s a delicious plethora of dog and cat-friendly foods you can find on your holiday meal plan. 

The most important thing to keep your pet happy and healthy during the holidays is to ensure you’re keeping up with daily meal times. You can review our portion guide and listen to your pets cues, if they’re hungrier in the morning, midday or evening. We suggest feeding your pet two times a day to prevent some dangerous food habits: eating too quickly, resource guarding/aggression or letting food go back to make it last. 

If you have a peckish pet, you can feed them some pet-friendly snacks such as hydrating fruit, (blueberries, watermelon, pear, pineapple), fibrous vegetables like carrot, cucumber, broccoli; pet biscuits, or meaty treats like chicken feet, pet meatballs (made with mince) or trachea. Another great snack is eggs. Eggs are tasty and easy to serve. They help with stronger bones, elastic joints, clean teeth and shiny coats. The protein, fat and carbohydrates make them a filling snack in two simple steps: served raw, or cooked. 

As with humans, you have to be thoughtful about how you feed your pet. Our Bella and Boots food packs are formulated to give your pet the requirements they need, but if you are careful about sugars, salt, omegas and carbs, there's no harm in pulling some easy ingredients off your plate. 

You can read more about the benefits of our food packs in our product description or by reaching out online or in-store at Noosaville.  We’d love to hear more about your furry friend, new or old, and anything funny, clever or unique they do. You can tag us on social media @bella_nboots or fill out our Pet of the Fortnight form here to win a 700g food pack. 

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