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Herbs in Bella and Boots

What's Under the Meat - Herbs in Bella and Boots

One of the biggest responsibilities as a pet owner is feeding your pet nutritious, tasty foods. Pets rely on you, as their owner and family, to provide them with the required nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life – and hope for something delicious and filling, too! Feeding your pet is more than just an obligation to keep them alive, it’s a way to improve and maintain your pet’s quality of life, connect them to their history and offer them yummy dishes to eat. A pet’s diet is vitally important to their muscles, bone, skin and coat health, their digestion and immunity and to help prevent disease. 

There are many different kinds of foods and diets available for your pet, with varying degrees of nutritional value. Most commonly is the dry diet (dry kibble biscuits), wet diet (canned foods or homemade wet foods like stews or leftovers) and the raw/organic diet (which is composed of meat and vegetables uncooked); or variations of the three. Each diet has its own benefits and deficits, but the raw diet is reportedly the best for dogs and cats. 

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet, supplemented by grassfed, organic meat and fresh vegetables, has many benefits for your pet. High levels of fibre, fats, and protein can be found in meats like lamb or beef. Vegetables used in the raw food diet like celery, zuchinni and other Asian greens are also stock full of fibre and fluids for hydration. Even the small, sometimes hidden, herbs and spices used can make the biggest difference. Turmeric is said to be a wonderful anti- inflammatory, used to aid in restoring and easing the pain of joints, as well as adding flavour and a visual element to the food. Parsley is a common green herb used in food for humans, but also in pet food as a great antioxidant, source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Chickweed is a green leafy plant that aids in nutrients like iron and magnesium, it is a detoxifier, cleansing the colon and providing fibre. Pepitas or pumpkin seeds help to prevent cancer, lower blood sugar levels, improve heart health and prevent heart disease, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and help with bladder health. Flax meal also reduces the risk of cancer, improve cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Omega 3 and Omega 6 like found in pepitas, flax meal, fatty meats and fatty acids keep dogs coats shiny and skin healthy.


All these herbs and more are utilised in Bella and Boots Raw Pet Food to create nutritional, delicious meals which can be served raw or cooked. Bella and Boots uses grassfed, organic, high quality meat which provides your pet with the right balance of fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6, protein, fibre and hydration. Also included in every litre of Bella and Boots is:

                        vitamin B1 (375mg),          copper (8.5mg)
                        sulphur (1.6g),                    vitamin D3 (23000ju) 
                        vitamin B2 (150mg)           manganese (chelate 60 mg)
                         sodium (30g),                    vitamin E (6200mg)
                         vitamin B6 (525mg),         magnesium (1.5g)
                         potassium (2g),                 calcium (76mg),
                         vitamin B12 (425mg),       iodine (120mg)
                         iron (300mg),                     phosphorus (chelate 7.2mg)       
                         folic acid (125mg),            cobalt (helate 12mg)
                         zinc (12mg),                        selenium (15mg) 
                         vitamin A (155,000mg)     niacin (23mg), 

All of these are very important to your pets dietary needs. There’s lots of different things to consider when buying for your pet, so Bella and Boots can help you decide what meals are best for your furry friend's need; don’t be afraid to give up a shout (or a bark!) to explore all the options available to you and your pet.

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