UPDATE! Eumundi Meats at Belmondos Organic Market is now the Home of Bella & Boots. Same Formula and Quality. FREE DELIVERY to most of Brisbane, Sunny Coast and Gold Coast Suburbs. Free delivery on all orders over $100.


Every cat is different and there's contradicting information all over the internet about whether raw food is safe for cats. There's a few things to know when feeding your cat raw food.
Our pets are a part of our family, so of course we want to share the Christmas joy with them. It's important to be mindful of what foods are safe for your pet this festive season.
There's many things in our local community that make the bella and boots raw food machine tick. Read about the important processes in Bella and Boots.
Depending on who you ask, dogs and cats can or cannot survive happily and healthily on a vegan diet: here's why we choose to sell raw meat food packs.
Meat is the star of our food packs, but it's not the only player. We carefully choose every ingredients to add deliciousness and health benefits to your pet's
One of the most intriguing aspects of the raw pet food movement is that it's rooted in history. Proponents emphasize that dogs and cats have evolved to eat meat and bone. They consumed raw animal protein, fat, organs, and a little amount of vegetable matter, which was frequently extracted from the prey’s stomach.
Gut health is the foundation of general wellness. Poor gut health can be linked to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, skin irritations, fatigue, anxiety, cancer, and more.
In the wild dogs naturally forage grasses and bark. Our organic green leafy puree provides the roughage they need to sweep their colon clean of food residues, and provides beneficial nutrients, including cleansing chlorophyll and essential minerals. Not only does this promote a healthy gut but leafy greens also help to fight infection, heal wounds and build your pets immune system to a strong and healthy state. Mick and Kelly are passionate about growing quality organic food. They grow, pick, pack and deliver their organic produce from their farm at Woombye to your table (or pet food bowl). Working within the seasons, Good Harvest compliments our blends with quality organic produce.

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